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Recessed Downlight Products Catalog
Mfg: Ruud Ltg Published: 2008 Version: CAT/Ruud-08 340 pages
PP . .70 IAR . . . q . .72 IC. . . 80 ICJ. . . 84 ICM.q . q . 82 10. . . qp238 IWL . . . 188 L ... I N DE X ... Page # Product ... L 14-20R . q . q . q . 91 L 16-20R q . qq . 91 L37'20R . qq . qq . 91 L5-15R . q . q ... 272, 280, 282 ... VTW . q . q . q . 187 ... W q.q . q . q . q . 121 WO . Add to My Library
Technical Data
Mfg: Ruud Ltg Published: 2004 Version: CFG# CAT/RUUD-04 292 pages
The entire Ruud Lighting family is committed to being the most respected company in the lighting fixture industry. They can recommend the best fixture for your specific project and can also provide you with a professionally prepared lighting layout at no additional cost. We've built the same ease of installation and serviceability into the MGWP and it's also designed for extreme resistance to weather and insect infiltration. Add to My Library
Lighting Product Catalog
Mfg: Ruud Ltg Published: 2002 Version: Combo-P01 246 pages
Outside of the US and Canada, RU products may be purchased through our authorized distributors only. Our Customer Service, Technical Support and Application Departments are available by phone 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m CT Monday through Friday at (800) 236-7000. For your convenience, a number of fax forins are available in this catalog, including an ordering form and application indoor and outdoor project request form. Add to My Library
Direct Lighting Product
Mfg: Ruud Ltg Published: 2010 Version: Ruud-P10 139 pages
Ruud Lighting's direct-to-contractor model is a smart way to streamline your buying process. VALUE ENGINEERING Specify equal product at a better price to make sure you're getting the most value to your specific job or application for your money. Our product pages feature a user-friendly layout that virtually eliminates flipping back and forth to find information and are easy to fax to customers. Add to My Library
Design and Installation Guide
Mfg: Ruud Ltg Published: 2001 Version: CAT/Guide-LDI 24 pages
Placement of the lighting fixtures is much easier when you begin with a plan. Also, proper lamp selection helps produce the envisioned nightscape scene. Light intensity and beam spread will have a tremendous impact on the final appearance of the project. The lamp charts give a complete breakdown of wattage range and beam spreads. Add to My Library
Mfg: Ruud Ltg Published: 2007 Version: Volume 21 No. 1 8 pages
We can help you create drama too. Call us for product selection assistance to make your next outdoor project stand out! 800-236-7000 Lighting designer Robert Daniels used Ruud Lighting fixtures to illuminate various architectural elements of the Vue Condominium project in Miami, Florida. Daniels, Principal of Brilliant Lighting Design, specified Ruud fixtures based on the way they achieved specific effects. Add to My Library