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Product Application Guide
Mfg: Unistrut Published: 2002 Version: IND-800/20M 48 pages
Roofwalks® Rooftop Walkway systems provide access to rooftop equipment, safeguard workers against slipping and protect against roof dishing and puncture. ... This 4-page full color fold-out describes the various systems available for your roofing needs. ... Build support flexibility into any spac... Add to My Library
United Interlock Grating and Related Products
Mfg: Unistrut Published: 2002 Version: G-4/10M 20 pages
from Unistrut fills a multitude of needs in all types of industries. ... This versatile product, commonly known as Interlock Grating, is used for flooring and walkways, mezzanines, stair treads, maintenance and staging platforms, scaffolding planks, architectural wall coverings and more. ... One ... Add to My Library
Metal Framing
Mfg: Unistrut Published: 1997 Version: MFEB-1 897 20 pages
The Unistrut metal framing system includes an exclusive combination of channel, fittings and hardware listed under new ... UL classification 5B. ... This classification covers strut-type channel raceways and fittings for use in accordance with Article 352 of the ... National Electrical Code, NFPA... Add to My Library
Medical Support
Mfg: Unistrut Published: 1999 Version: UMMS 300 8 pages
Our proven systems support X-ray equipment, surgical lighting, service columns, microsurgery units, as well as other specialized medical equip-ment in healthcare facilities worldwide. ... Unistrut support extends well beyond quality products to include in-depth plan-ning, engineering, computer-ai... Add to My Library
Adjustable Ceiling Grids
Mfg: Unistrut Published: 1998 Version: CG-100 8 pages
Insert the spring nut anywhere along the continuous slotted channel ... Fittings can be placed anywhere along the channel opening for complete freedom of adjust-ment, without drilling. ... B ... eiling grids from Unistrut let you build support flexibility into any space. ... No welding, drilling ... Add to My Library
Mfg: Unistrut Published: 2004 Version: UCC-4 4 pages
Improperly clamped pipe, tube, or hose invite line failure and potential problems. ... Provides total load distribution, allowing the ... U-BOLT to become a full-contact hanger instead of a knife edge. ... Also available in type 304 and 316 stainless steel. ... The Cushion — ... A rugged performe... Add to My Library