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PositionServo Compact and Powerful Servo Controllers
Mfg: Lenze Americas Corp Published: 2011 Version: CT-PS-1011-en 72 pages
Commitment to Simplicity By making the PositionServo easy to install, set up and program, we provide the ideal motor control solution for both OEM designers and electrical system engineers. An innovative and removable EPM memory chip allows instant programming of multiple drives either before or after installation, and the simple, intuitive front panel display facilitates on-site operation. Add to My Library
Drive Solutions for Mechanical and System Engineering
Mfg: Lenze Americas Corp Published: 2006 Version: 13129269 44 pages
If you need to implement modern machine and system concepts simply and effectively or to optimise and modernise existing concepts, you need look no further than Lenze's comprehensive range of products and services, which offers everything you need. Rather than dealing with individual drives, Lenze prefers to focus on drive solutions which have been specifically designed for handling and materials handling technology, for all types of automotive engineering process, for robotics, for a wide range of packaging machines and for many other applications. Add to My Library
Material Handling and Logistics
Mfg: Lenze Americas Corp Published: Version: CB-MatHan 12 pages
in intralogistics Whether continuous or intermittent or involving lifting or lowering, moving or positioning, seamless internal material flow is critical for many production processes. With this in mind, efficient conveyors are vital, safeguarding the connection to upstream and downstream systems. Add to My Library
SMVector Drive
Mfg: Lenze Americas Corp Published: 2011 Version: CB-SMV-1011 8 pages
The finest product at the best price is serious business. It takes continuous life cycle management to achieve this goal. We are always investigating techniques to improve efficiency and take advantage of the latest microprocessor and power module technology. When we achieve efficiency gains or material cost reductions, we pass those savings on to our customers. Add to My Library
PositionServo-Digital Servo Drive and Controller
Mfg: Lenze Americas Corp Published: 2011 Version: CB-PS-0711-en 8 pages
The PositionServo is the one drive that has it all. From basic torque control to full programmability, you choose your level of control. The PositionServo can perform along with most high-level motion controllers, but with a simple-to-use interface and clean Ethernet connection. When operating at 120VAC, Doubler Drives can run 240VAC motors at full speed. Add to My Library
Drives and Automation
Mfg: Lenze Americas Corp Published: 2010 Version: CB-DA-1010 8 pages
global solution partner With more than 60 years of experience in the field of drive technology, we are one of the most innovative companies of our industry. The Lenze research and development team is in the lead when it comes to implementing the latest trends in drive and automation technology into market-oriented products. Add to My Library
MC Series Drives
Mfg: Lenze Americas Corp Published: 2011 Version: CB-MC-0711 6 pages
By design, the MC Series is a simple no-nonsense inverter that is easy to install, set up and program. The intuitive keypad and short text display facilitate on-site operation. Commitment to Quality From product design to manufacture, service and training, quality is at the foundation of Lenze Americas Add to My Library
Pump Solutions
Mfg: Lenze Americas Corp Published: 2009 Version: CP-PMP-0109 6 pages
Centrifugal pumps Centrifugal or variable torque pumps are used in a wide variety of commercial, industrial and municipal applications. Throttling valves are a common fl ow control method. Compare the power requirements of a throttling valve to that of the SMVector or MCH Series VFD and the theoretical power requirement defi ned by the Affi nity Laws. Add to My Library
Packaging Solutions Industrial Drives and Controls
Mfg: Lenze Americas Corp Published: 2009 Version: CB-PKG-0309 6 pages
The robust Lenze-AC Tech motion management solutions for the packaging industry offer you what counts—all the options you need, unparalleled ease of use and proven performance. Making it happen If your packaging application includes in-feed or constant-feed machines, labelers, fi llers, wrappers or cartoners, the complete range of Lenze-AC Tech variable frequency drives (VFDs) and Add to My Library
Sub-micro Drives
Mfg: Lenze Americas Corp Published: 2009 Version: CB-SM-0209 5 pages
Sub-micro Drives Features and Specifi cations S CL 120V 1Ø 208-240V 1Ø or 3Ø Model# Size SF203Y A1 SF205Y A1 SF210Y A2 SF215Y B1 SF220Y B2 SF230Y B2 SF250Y C1 SD203Y A1 SD205Y A1 SD210Y A2 SD215Y B1 SD220Y B2 SD230Y B2 SD250Y C1 TF205Y A1 TF210Y A2 TF215Y B1 TF220Y B2 TF230Y B2 Add to My Library
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