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Hyperion with Optx Lighting Solutions Plus
Mfg: Lsi Lighting Solutions Published: 2008 Version: 2405 8 pages
Based on the principles of highly classified missile defense research used to guide missiles with pinpoint accuracy, OptX® is the heart of the Hyperion Bollard Series. This patented optics technology directs light onto usable planes effectively, efficiently, and precisely where you want it. HYPERION with OptX offers a sophisticated design edge while delivering exceptional illuminance levels over greater distances, providing a transitional area between indoor and outdoor lighting systems. Add to My Library
Pole Basics
Mfg: Lsi Lighting Solutions Published: 2008 Version: 3305 8 pages
For use with square pole only. 1 piece steel 2-bolt pattern designed for direct mounting of fixture to face of bracket. Note: Consult factory for custom variations. Standard SF and DF pole preparations are located 3/4 of the height of the pole from the base, unless otherwise specified. (Except *Other two locations will be 120° to the left and right of Side A. on 20' Round Tapered pole -Maximum height for SF & DF is 13' from base.) Add to My Library
LSI Greenlee ALV Series Outdoor Lighting
Mfg: Lsi Lighting Solutions Published: 2008 Version: 3366 3/08 8 pages
For more than three decades, LSI Greenlee has been an industry-leading brand in both commercial and residential HID landscape lighting. Building on this experience, LSI Architectural Outdoor Lighting has created an impressive family of low and line voltage architectural luminaires ... ALV Series accent lights provide precise lighting control for illuminating sculptures, statues and signs. Add to My Library
Hilton Series Vertical Burn Performance
Mfg: Lsi Lighting Solutions Published: 2008 Version: W2505 1/08 8 pages
A light fixture with a light distribution where no candela (light) occurs at or above an angle of 90° above nadir. Additionally, the candela per 1000 lamp lumens does not numerically exceed 100 (10%) at a vertical angle 80° above nadir. This applies to all lateral angles around the luminaire. Community-friendly lighting is intended to eliminate unnecessary uplight, minimize light trespass, glare and wasted energy, and still provide quality lighting as required in today's society. Add to My Library