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Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Products
Mfg: Day-Brite Published: 2008 Version: DB-208 162 pages
Portion of lamp lumens which reach the work plane. Affected by fixture design, room proportions, and room-surface reflectances. Light Loss Factor: (LLF) Depreciation of initial lighting level due to Lamp Lumen Depreciation (LLD), and accumulation of dirt on the lamp and luminaire surface (Luminaire Dirt Depreciation- LDD). Add to My Library
Mfg: Day-Brite Published: 2008 Version: 137.0608CT7 64 pages
2 Today, interior lighting requires solutions that can enrich and enhance our lives in ways that are inspired by our natural environment. By offering soft, comfortable, visual appeal and rich details, textures and options,Arioso merges this organic quality of light with style and breadth of offering to create solutions that enhance Add to My Library
Nite Brites Barista
Mfg: Day-Brite Published: 2008 Version: 249.0806CT 36 pages
Both aesthetically appealing and ruggedly designed, these luminaires have the style and function required by today’s designers. Suzette with guard – metallic nickel From the standard domes, like Sophie or Natalie, to the more distinctive assemblies, like Danielle or Ana, there is a luminaire choice that will fit into any space whether nostalgic or modern. Add to My Library
Mfg: Day-Brite Published: 2008 Version: 147.0508CT 20 pages
Attune is designed to unify your lighting with your lifestyle. Each person and space within a building has different lighting demands, from aesthetic preferences to photometric requirements to installation details. Your lighting system must be a FAMILY of products versatile enough to meet these needs with highly efficient luminaires that create architectural identity in your space. Add to My Library
Nite Brites Designer Floodlighting
Mfg: Day-Brite Published: 2008 Version: 251.0807CT 12 pages
The cohesive look of this family of floodlights allows visual continuity throughout a job and easily accommodates a variety of lighting needs. Whether lighting a flagpole, parking lot, or land-scape element, there is a size and wattage for each area. The stylized appearance allows the floodlight to blend with any architectural design. Add to My Library
Barista LED
Mfg: Day-Brite Published: 2008 Version: 255.0708CT 6 pages
In a changing world, many things old can become new again. They have been used to light streets, signs, parks, doorways, and much more. Many RLM style luminaires are still used today for restaurant and retail lighting. In the past, these decorative luminaires have used quite a bit of energy and required fre-quent maintenance. Add to My Library
Softrace Lighting
Mfg: Day-Brite Published: 2008 Version: 150.0308CT 4 pages
Glowing the cr is p detailing face center of the panel and and luminaire. Profile creates visual Diffuse Ribbed types lumina ire effic of light on the workplane controlled working with "cave luminaires and over high lumina Recommended as Add to My Library
LED Dock Light
Mfg: Day-Brite Published: 2008 Version: 254.0508CT 4 pages
Day-Brite Lighting is a Philips group brand Add to My Library
Elision Optix Technology
Mfg: Day-Brite Published: 2008 Version: 139.1008CT 4 pages
This brochure was printed on FLO recycled paper. FLO is 3rd party certified to come from a well managed forest. the technology You no longer have to choose between great illumination and contemporary aesthetics for applications requiring wall mount wall-wash luminaires. Architectural styling, outstanding performance and easy installation are combined in one innovative package with Day-Brite® Lighting’s Elision™. Add to My Library
Electro Connect Reddy-Connect D Series
Mfg: Day-Brite Published: 2008 Version: 408.1004IMEC 4 pages
The (LD) cable is the starting point for the wiring system. Cablehead is 18 gauge steel , zinc plated. One, two, or three circuit cable sets are available. Length of flex will be 3" unless catalog number designates length requirement in feet. Example: LD-27-2E-09 The (RC) Reddy-Connect “D” series Cable provides feed-thru power from fixture to fixture. Add to My Library