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Aculux LED Gen 2 LED Precision Recessed Luminaires
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2014 Version: LIT-ACULUX-LEDG2 52 pages
Aculux precision luminaires have a well-deserved reputation for quality and innovation in the world of architectural lighting. They were among the first to offer discreet, adjustable LED recessed luminaires featuring interchangeable optics that mimic MR16 performance, and led the way in the development of precision geared hot-aiming. Add to My Library
Indy Designer Series Collection
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2014 Version: LIT-INDY-DS-LED 40 pages
Filling your commercial needs, while helping to save the planet… The spotlight on energy conservation has never been brighter than it is today. The specter of global warming and dwindling natural resources has made energy sustainability everyone’s responsibility. the challenge head-on by applying the latest breakthroughs in LED technology to the world of commercial lighting. Add to My Library
Acculite Commercial Retail Lighting
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2014 Version: LIT-ACCU-CR 32 pages
Retail and commercial applications require a special kind of lighting fixture. Robust construction, choice of lamp, and energy efficiency are some of the important and quantifiable attributes that good luminaires must possess. However, it is the more abstract features like differentiating a store from its competitor, creating a special look or theme, or simply having the ability to match the color of the decor that make a good luminaire great for retail and commercial applications. Add to My Library
Indy L Series Family
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2014 Version: LIT-INDY-LED Rev 1 28 pages
The L-Series is a comprehensive collection of highly advanced LED luminaires covering the entire lighting spectrum. there is an exemplary solution for every application. In an industry first, the L-Series offers you a fully coordinated family of luminaires, no matter your needs or requirements. From LED color rendering to aperture sizes and trim finishes, each luminaire is completely consistent across all fixture types and styles. Add to My Library
Aculux LED Precision Recessed Luminaires
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2014 Version: LIT-AX-LED-BBD-TW 28 pages
now featuring black body dimming and tunable white technologies – respond to your needs like no other light source. They deliver unsurpassed design freedom and the ability to meet every lighting challenge. With these new technologies, Aculux luminaires have once again elevated the art of precision lighting, augmenting an already powerful set of features that include Acu-Aim™ gear-driven optics, the Tru-Line™ adjustable platform, and the auto-adjusting optic holder. Add to My Library
Danalite Undercabinet and Task Lighting
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2014 Version: LIT-UC Rev 4 24 pages
The Juno Lighting Group family of undercabinet lighting products offers the industry’s most extensive range of options for undercabinet and shelf illumination. But given the amazing diversity and versatility of these fixtures, there is no reason to stop there. Fast, trouble-free installation and high-quality design and performance features are the essence of our flagship modular system. Add to My Library
Acculite Finia LED Outdoor Lighting Generation 2
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2014 Version: LIT-ACCU-FINIA 20 pages
Lighting, Generation 2 With a stunning design that does not eclipse but rather complements a site's architecture, the Finia LED family of outdoor luminaires offers a complete lighting solution from the parking lot to the building entrance. Pole mounted, flood, and building mounted luminaires all share common contours and a robust light engine that excels in the toughest environments. Add to My Library
Indy Multi Head LED Luminaires
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2014 Version: LIT-INDYMH-LED 16 pages
Now there’s yet another reason to love these fixtures … Depending on color temperature specified, total fixture output can be as much as 6,000 lumens. The luminaire heads are fully adjustable, making them ideal for accent or ambient lighting in a broad range of applications. And the fixtures are recessed into the ceiling for a clean, uncluttered appearance. Add to My Library
Undercabinet Solo Task LED Lighting
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2014 Version: LIT-JUNO-UCSOLO 12 pages
At less than 3” in diameter and a low 9/16” profile, they fit unobtrusively under cabinets and shelves, yet can produce up to an impressive 205 lumens of brilliant white light for task and accent illumination. all are ideal applications for this unique little light. Solo-Task LED luminaires feature quick and easy surface or recessed mounting and create high-quality, even, color-consistent illumination, with light levels comparable to 20-watt halogen or xenon. Add to My Library
Retrofit LED Basics Series
Mfg: Juno Lighting Published: 2014 Version: LIT-JUNO-BASICS 12 pages
The affordable way to upgrade to LED Lighting You no longer need to pay a premium to experience all the benefits of LED lighting. With Juno Retrofit LED Basics Series trim modules, upgrading your existing 4", 5", or 6" recessed fixtures is inexpensive and nearly as simple as replacing an incandescent lamp. Add to My Library
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