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Gotham Surface Mounted Lighting
Mfg: Lithonia Ltg Published: 2011 Version: 173-36 8 pages
At Gotham we understand the artful integration of light and architecture. Our recessed downlights are renowned for their remarkably quiet optics. But when the physical constraints of a space demand an answer other than recessed lighting, we still know how to be soft-spoken. From the clean lines and simple geometric shape to the unobtrusive, never-too-bright apertures, Gotham cylinders provide effective, functional lighting that complements the surrounding space. Add to My Library
Manufacturing Illuminated
Mfg: Lithonia Ltg Published: 2013 Version: IND003.23 8 pages
Ownership Industrial energy use is responsible for almost 30 percent of all U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to global climate change. Every task demands lighting and controls solutions that account for worker activities, ceiling height variations, temperature ranges and operating conditions. Add to My Library
Warehousing Illuminated
Mfg: Lithonia Ltg Published: 2013 Version: IND003.24 8 pages
Investment Sustainable buildings represent the latest in technology, higher-quality renewable materials, a more comfortable interior and, as a result, are highly marketable to tenants due to lower maintenance costs and higher overall quality. In a typical non-refrigerated warehouse, lighting and space heating account for approximately 76% of total energy use, making these systems the best targets for energy savings. Add to My Library
High Bay Fluorescent
Mfg: Lithonia Ltg Published: 2007 Version: 160.001 8 pages
The Energy Policy Act of 2005 provides for an accelerated lighting tax deduction up to $.60/sf for buildings that outperform the ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1-2001 power density limits by 50%. Lithonia Lighting offers many solutions that will help meet the tax deduction requirements for offices, schools, industrial applications, institutional facilities and retail stores. Add to My Library
Carandini Curva Lux and Hom
Mfg: Lithonia Ltg Published: 2011 Version: 0111-183 7 pages
both locally and globally to promote the new at-titude of energy awareness. Designed by Development and use of new clean technologies. Reduction in the need for fossil fuels. Minimisation of the carbon footprint No power grid required Easy installation: just set it in the desired location Clean, non-polluting and environmentally friendly Add to My Library
Acculamp LED Dimmer Compatibility Chart
Mfg: Lithonia Ltg Published: 2013 Version: 52913 7 pages
Adjust low and high end trim. Adjust low and high end trim. Adjust low and high end trim. 10W min load Adjust low and high end trim. Note: Most Forward Phase Dimmers have a minimum load requirement of 40-60 watts. compatibility. A single 4 watt LED lamp on a 600 W dimmer may flicker due to the minimum load requirement is not met. Add to My Library
Carandini Conus Geomety of Light
Mfg: Lithonia Ltg Published: 2011 Version: 1011-189 7 pages
Minimalist lighting point designed to fit into any urban environment, its cylindrical-conical as-symmetric base, the cylindrical post and the inverted cylindrical-conical asymmetric luminaires form a harmonious unit of unrivalled beauty that features an innovative LED “Glare Control” light control system. Add to My Library
Quick Reference Guide Catalog Supplement
Mfg: Lithonia Ltg Published: 2013 Version: 1412.019 6 pages
D, P, LT descriPtion * All nWiFi devices network to the nLight system via standards-based 802.11 WiFi SoftWaRe Product Add to My Library
Sensor Switch Daylighting Control
Mfg: Lithonia Ltg Published: 2013 Version: 2013 Catalog 6 pages
Technology and Dimming Control to a higher level in a new line of Daylighting Control sensors that achieve maximum energy savings at a fraction of the cost of competitive solutions. PRACTICAL CONTROL SOLUTIONS Our daylighting control solutions are available in stand-alone sensors or incorporated into our occupancy sensor practical and cost effective solution. Add to My Library
Carandini Aeris New Urban Design
Mfg: Lithonia Ltg Published: 2011 Version: 0711-188 6 pages
To obtain more information, download technical specifications and instruction sheets, etc., visit our website www.carandini.com Aeris system New urban design Designer lighting point comprising a quadrangular support fitted to a new luminaire, specifically designed for LED lighting, to form a new lighting system. Add to My Library
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