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Live Tank Circuit Breakers
Mfg: ABB Published: 2009 Version: 1HSM 9543 22-Ooen, Ed 5 126 pages
ABB has over a century of experience in developing, testing and manufacturing high voltage circuit breakers. Through the years, our circuit breakers have acquired a reputation for high reliability and long life in all climates and in all parts of the world. Type tests are performed only once on one representative test object in accordance with applicable standards and are not repeated without extra charge. Add to My Library
LV Process Performance Motors
Mfg: ABB Published: 2011 Version: 9AKK104556 Rev C 124 pages
Below lowest IE classification Rise time 10-90 %, ABB Special Insul. ABB Standard Insul. Movable adjusting bolt Fixing bolt, motor Add to My Library
Hardware Manual ACS800-31 Drives
Mfg: ABB Published: 2005 Version: 3AFE68599954 Rev A 123 pages
This chapter contains the safety instructions which you must follow when installing, operating and servicing the drive. If ignored, physical injury or death may follow, or damage may occur to the drive, motor or driven equipment. The warning symbols are used as follows: Dangerous voltage warning warns of high voltage which can cause physical injury and/or damage to the equipment. Add to My Library
Fusegear Switche Fuses OS and OSM
Mfg: ABB Published: 2011 Version: 1SCC311013C0201 123 pages
Features within the range of ABB switch fuses include single pole to four pole versions. A wide selection of accessories improve the usability of the switch fuses; 6 and 8- pole, changeover, bypass and mechanically interlocked switch combinations can be built by using conversion kits. Switch fuses are also suitable for remote control by the motorized OSM versions. Add to My Library
Industrial Plugs and Sockets The Complete Range
Mfg: ABB Published: 2014 Version: 2CMC700014C0008 120 pages
ABB´s industrial plugs and sockets are a part of the comprehensive ABB program of high quality low voltages products for industries, buildings and OEM´s. ABB has manufactured industrial plugs and sockets for over 60 years in the factory located in Nyköping, Sweden. Long experience of developing and manufacturing plugs and sockets within ABB has resulted in a wide product range of high quality and a robust ergonomic design. Add to My Library
Cable accessories
Mfg: ABB Published: 2009 Version: edition 1 119 pages
To achieve this, we develop, manufacture and market a broad range of cable accessories, switching devices and enclosures. Th ey lead to the fulfi lment of ambitious goals for competitiveness and profi tability, with a view to maximising value to the customer. We work on the basis of four fundamental technologies within which we have accumulated substantial expertise over many years. Add to My Library
PCB Connection Main Catalog 2008
Mfg: ABB Published: 2008 Version: 1SXU 180 116 CO201 116 pages
Moreover, the worldwide presence of the ABB Group ensures outstanding service that only a specialist is able to provide. Connectors and terminal blocks mounted on printed circuit boards ensure the link between the sensors and the instruments of machinery and equipment. current, The quality of our design allows the products to be used in the most severe environments and for high signal densities. Add to My Library
LV Industrial Performance Motors
Mfg: ABB Published: 2010 Version: 9AKK104559 116 pages
ABB reserves the right to change the design, technical specification and dimensions without prior notice. All production units are certified to ISO 9001 international quality standard as well ISO 14000 environmental standard and confirm to all applicable EU Directives. The standard is part of an effort to unify motor testing procedures and efficiency and product labeling requirements to enable motor purchasers worldwide to easily recognize premium efficiency products. Add to My Library
Switches Switch Disconnectors
Mfg: ABB Published: 2014 Version: 1SCC301020C0201 116 pages
The most compact solution Possible thanks to a uniquely short current path and a dou-ble-sided spring construction combined with a small amount of components. ABB’s switches therefore have a small foot-print area, allowing installation in confined spaces. Flexibility to plan your installation Switches from 16 to 125 Amperes can be snap-on or screw-mounted and switches from 160 to 4000 Amperes have adjustable feet that allow top or side mounting. Add to My Library
LV Drives Industrial
Mfg: ABB Published: 2010 Version: LVD-PNPL05U-ED REVD 115 pages
When selecting the drive, ensure the drive has a continuous current rating equal or greater than the full load amp rating of the motor (if full motor torque is required). This document is shipped with the product and provides basic UL and safety notifications as well as installation and operating instructions. Add to My Library
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